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Are you paying twice for not knowing what you don't know?

2020 Report : Measuring the cost of app and data dependencies in a connected world

Learn how reliable, timely insights into application and data dependencies improve operations and speed modernization

In February of 2020, Crosscode surveyed of 10,000+ IT and development professionals with the stated purpose of gauging the cost of under-investing in this application and data dependency management.

90.3% of respondents were able to identify at least one strategic initiative currently underway where having reliable access to comprehensive and timely dependency maps were (or would) be of material value.

What are these strategic initiatives and how can software, data and API dependency maps make the difference between their success and failure?

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Technical debt is very real, but the reason its relative risk is often set disproportionally high is that enterprises don't know what they don’t know – they have no real-world visibility into of how potentially tangled up or dysfunctional existing systems may be
- Sebastian Holst

Crosscode dependency maps reduce risk, improve quality and accelerate velocity

Learn how Crosscode eliminates entire categories of risk by identifying, mapping and visualizing production dependencies across executable, managed service, database, API, and message queue boundaries.


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