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Are You Adding Value?

Posted by Scott Petersen on Feb 24, 2020 3:00:00 PM
Scott Petersen

Are you adding value? 

When meeting with potential partners, I constantly hear that they need to consistently add value to their customer engagements. 

So how does one embark on that?  Well the easiest way is to put yourselves in the customer’s shoes and by that I mean take the position of what’s in it for them.  To do that you need to ask yourself questions like:

  • How can I save them money?

  • How can I help them meet their deadlines?

  • How can I help them deliver better apps?

  • How can I address their lack of in-house expertise?Panoptics User Interface

Are you seeing a theme?  

Let me help you….Money, Time and Resources!  Addressing these 3 things will ensure that you are consistently adding value to your engagements.

DevOps Waiting Zone

This is extremely relevant in the DevOps space where delivery of new and changed code is a constant occurrence.   To do that effectively the biggest hurdle you have to overcome is to understand the application environment.  Crosscode provides a solution to “get you started”  and out of the DevOps Waiting Zone by visually giving you an interactive view of the complete application ecosystem. We Visualize and map your Apps, DB’s, Microservices, Containers etc and all with their relative dependencies.  By using our tool you can immediately add value by automating a typical resource heavy process!  Now you have a “map” to follow in your quest to migrate, refactor, re-purpose or retire your client’s applications.


In that same vein, it is important to work with vendors whose product and partner program dove tail with your core competencies and bottom-line. Partnering allows you to exceed your client’s expectations.  At Crosscode we embody this by providing products and programs that differentiate your services, leverage your teams skill sets and allows you to deliver results faster which drives financial gains for both you and your client.


Want to learn more?  Check us out at www.crosscode.com/partners/



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