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Brenda Barrioz

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How to Manage Dependency Risks in Open-Source Libraries

Open-source libraries and frameworks are quickly rising in relevance in enterprise codebases. Today, nearly every system or service users engage with contains refere…

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Build Successful Teams That Thrive in a Rapid Software Change Culture

  The ability to deliver rapid software changes is a must for enterprise IT teams, particularly in today's competitive landscape.

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Successful Cloud Migration Strategy Require Full Dependency Mapping

Despite its already wide-scale adoption, the growth of cloud computing continues to surpass expectations in enterprise usage.   Public cloud revenues are expected to…

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How Enterprises Can Modernize Their IT Governance to Stay Competitive and Compliant

IT is now the main driver for enterprises in achieving operational success and remaining competitive in the market. 81% of executives believe IT is crucial in enabli…

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How Enterprises Can Thrive with Rapid, Adaptive Software Changes

Technological innovation is a necessity for enterprises to remain competitive and grow.

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The Critical Role of Automation in DevOps

Automation is a must for organizations looking to maintain optimal DevOps performance in today’s competitive landscape.

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4 Software Audit Mistakes That Cost Enterprises Time and Money

Organizations today face a ton of challenges with software audits, which is understandable given the complexity and scale of enterprise software.

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How to Plan a Successful Cloud Migration Strategy

Cloud computing is taking the enterprise IT industry by storm—but are companies migrating to the cloud effectively?  

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