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Biggest Mistakes in Digital Transformation

Posted by Soumik Sakar on Dec 16, 2018 3:55:27 AM


Whatever name digital transformation goes by 10 years from now, your organization’s success will still be defined by its ability to rapidly meet the changing demands of the marketplace. Today your digital transformation may be happening by way of cloud migration, IoT, or machine learning. A decade from now it may come via AI or quantum computing.

What’s clear is that digital transformation is not just a phase in the life of a company. It is the trajectory, from here to the farthest imaginable horizon, along which every company must travel if it expects to be relevant when that horizon is reached.

We think you’ll enjoy this Forbes article by Daniel Newman. He points out the six biggest mistakes in digital transformation and how you can avoid them:

  1. “We don’t know what we’re doing.”
  2. "We silo the transformation...digital transformation is not a technology issue, it’s a company issue..."
  3. "We fail to redefine roles and create new ones...Failing to acknowledge this skill/knowledge gap is a digital transformation mistake."
  4. "We get too excited...biggest digital transformation mistakes I see today is companies adopting popular technologies because they think they’re supposed to..."
  5. 'We fail to listen to the data...collecting vast amounts of data and failing to use it."
  6. "We get overwhelmed...Trying to bite off too much too soon will lead to overwhelm and discouragement."

At Crosscode, we believe your digital transformation will meet greater success if your people know your production application environment in detail.

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