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How to Diagnose Poor Software & Data Dependency Management

Posted by Sebastian Holst on Apr 9, 2020 1:26:57 PM

Mexican Woman with EyeglassLast week, in A Connected Enterprise is a Dependent Enterprise, we outlined how the risk and expense stemming from poorly monitored and managed software and database dependencies cut across virtually every phase of an enterprise’s operation – extending well beyond the developers’ or even a DevOps purview.

In this second installment of our continuing series, we’re going to describe the telltale symptoms that suggest your enterprise may be wasting time and money – as well as taking on unnecessary risk – due to “less than optimal” software and database dependency tracking and management.

The motivation here is straightforward; once you’ve identified the root cause, you’ve put yourself in the best possible position to do something about it.

The following “diagnostic tables” pair four representative enterprise scenarios with one or more telltale symptoms and a short description of a likely underlying root cause.

All Graphs 4-9-20

Of course, this list of scenarios, symptoms and root causes could have been much longer and the symptoms should not in any way be seen as exhaustive. In fact, telltale symptoms aren’t limited to specific scenarios – they are also associated with broad, non-specific IT initiatives including:

   o Legacy application modernization

   o Technical debt mitigation

   o Hybrid Data Management (cloud and on-premises)

If effective software and database dependency tracking and management mitigates all of these issues…

   o Why aren’t these practices baked into each and every scenario?

   o Why do some organizations struggle more than others?

NEXT WEEK: Simplifying Effective Software and

Database Dependency tracking and management.

What factors drive the complexity and cost of effective software and database dependency tracking and management? Can these factors be controlled?


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