Managing Dependencies in an Open Source Landscape?

As more and more enterprises work with open-source libraries, greater attention needs to be given to the risks of external dependencies, which can wreak havoc on enterprise systems if left unchecked.

However, managing open-source dependencies in enterprises is not easy due to the massive scale of enterprise IT systems. The more intricate the IT architecture, the greater the technical complexity and the more likely it is for businesses to encounter dependency risks.

This eBook covers everything your enterprise needs to know about managing dependencies when working with open-source libraries as well as practical tips on how to mitigate the issue.

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  • The Statistics Behind Open Source Use in Enterprises
  • Why Working with Open Source Is the Right Step Forward
  • The Risks Faced by Enterprises When Dealing with Open Source
  • How Enterprises Can Manage Dependency Risks in an Open Source Landscape
Managing Dependencies in an Open Source Landscape Bookcover