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Join Crosscode @ Booth119 DeveloperWeek Austin 2019

Posted by Brenda Barrioz on Nov 2, 2019 10:56:54 AM

Crosscode will be Exhibiting at Developer Week Austin Booth #119 on November 5-7, 2019 | Palmer Events Center. Come join 2,000+ developers/engineers, tech professionals & executives

DeveloperWeek Austin 2019 is the largest developer event in Texas and the South, with 2,000+ application developers/engineers, developer managers & executives coming together in Austin, TX, for technical keynotes, conference sessions & workshops from 100+ speakers, the 2-day Expo with 40+ exhibitors, networking events across Austin, the DeveloperWeek Austin Hackathon with 200+ hackers, a hiring mixer, parties and more.

Stop by our booth to learn more about how Panoptics Eases Enterprise DevOps automation

Rapid delivery and frequent software changes are the bread and butter of automation in DevOps. However, organizations must understand the impact of their software changes before they’re implemented.With a complete code dependency mapping tool like Panoptics, enterprises have an intuitive, complete view of their application architecture as well as the ability to observe every dependency between applications and database assets in detail.

This allows enterprises to see how a proposed change will affect other applications and resources in the ecosystem to stop risky software changes from being implemented—before a single line of code is written.

Panoptics also assesses the complexity of tasks by identifying how dependencies will be impacted by a change, allowing enterprises to see whether a process can be automated without any problems.

The platform is fully automated so developers don’t have to waste time manually collecting data to run effective impact analysis and risk assessments, further improving the performance of DevOps teams. With Panoptics, your DevOps team gets the freedom it needs to work more efficiently, leading to higher quality software, faster project cycles, and happier customers.

Ready to automate your DevOps successfully with Panoptics?

Try Panoptics for free today to see how we can help your business easily automate DevOps processes.

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