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Webinar - Get Agile faster with code-level dependency mapping

Posted by Brenda Barrioz on Apr 20, 2018 7:01:00 PM

Speeding up Agile development

The Agile approach is essential for application development because failing to adapt to changing requirements can mean doom for any business. As a result, when you mix in emerging technologies like Blockchain, AI, and microservices; the need to be Agile becomes critical. Using team-based planning geared toward short delivery times, at the heart of Agile is the need to be fast, and flexible.  Consequently, Crosscode focuses on helping DevOps teams reach these goals.

How Does Crosscode improve Agile Development

Analysts have estimated that over 50% of time and cost in projects is spent doing detailed dependency analysis and impact assessments. What if you could reduce that? Within seconds, Crosscode allows you to eliminate a significant portion of that time and cost. Crosscode creates real-time dependency maps across the enterprise. Your DevOps team receives detailed decomposition views at the database and code level component. By eliminating the need to manually keep artifacts, and update them, impact analysis can occur on the fly. Also, Crosscode will augment the APM tools you already have, by providing a view before you move into production. With Crosscode you will know every dependency that requires testing before you release your code, streamlining the process during your sprint or iteration. Most of all, with Crosscode to automate dependency mapping, and provide impact analysis, you can get back to the work you enjoy.

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Photo-Agile DevOps environment with Crosscode Photo-Agile DevOps environment with Crosscode

During the webinar, we will show how Crosscode Panoptics:

  •  Increases the speed and success of projects
  • Modernizes legacy applications for a microservices based architecture
  • Stops delays caused by lack of knowledge around code-level dependencies between applications and databases
  • Compliments your APM tools by monitoring your development and applications changes before you move them to production.

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