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Crosscode and BECK Strategies Partner to Ease ServiceNow Change Management

Posted by Brenda Barrioz on Jan 20, 2020 4:07:26 PM



Crosscode’s Code-Level Dependency Mapping Will Help BECK Overcome Upgrade Challenges


NEW YORK, January 20, 2019 Crosscode, Inc, an application software intelligence company that helps organizations manage enterprise software assets and streamline change, today announced an alliance with ServiceNow Premier partner BECK Strategies, Inc. Crosscode identifies application dependencies to the code level, will be a boon to helping BECK overcome their customers ServiceNow upgrade challenges, and ensuring smooth and trouble-free implementations.


ServiceNow’s workflow platform connects and manages a significant number of data elements to help businesses maximize enterprise collaboration and productivity, and the applications and platforms are highly interdependent.


Crosscode identifies application interdependencies at the code level, across languages and platforms, and automatically analyzes the impact and effort estimate needed for every possible change. Panoptics helps enterprises accelerate speed-to-market and enhance system reliability -- all while enforcing compliance of rules, standards, and frameworks (SPX, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.) to minimize risks and vulnerabilities.


The functionality will be critical to helping BECK and others in the ServiceNow ecosystem migrate their customers to the latest version. ServiceNow has announced that it will only support the two (2) most current versions of their product, thus forcing all customers on back releases to upgrade to one of the supported versions. Unfortunately, these upgrades don’t just involve lifting and shifting individual applications; users will require a solution that can discover and map all these dependencies including any customized workflows to minimize the risk and cost associated with upgrading.


“Crosscode is the premier solution capable of mapping ServiceNow dependencies between the applications and the platform, and presenting them in a comprehensive and understandable way,” said Mark A. Ceely, CEO, BECK Strategies Inc. “ServiceNow customers will now be able to quickly and easily upgrade their applications and take advantage of the company’s most powerful platform yet.”


“We are thrilled to be chosen by BECK Strategies to help ServiceNow sites successfully navigate these upgrades and beyond,” said Scott Petersen, VP of Sales, Crosscode. “Crosscode is committed to helping users unravel any and all interdependencies in advance of upgrades and looks forward to playing an even more integrated and ongoing role in the future.”


Crosscode and BECK will demonstrate Crosscode at ServiceNow’s 2020 Sales Kickoff, taking place January 21-24 at the Mandalay Bay, Nevada.


About Crosscode:

Crosscode, Inc, is enabling businesses to innovate rapidly while keeping operations safe and manageable. Its helps companies visualize the interconnectedness of all their software assets, making it far easier to manage change and protect data from external attacks. For more information, please visit Crosscode.com.

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